In 2012 heeft newVOC samen met Lunatech Ventures de ontwikkeling van het eerste prototype van Videmus gefinancierd.  

Eind eerste kwartaal 2013 is het prototype beschikbaar gekomen.   

In mei 2013 is Viewlogiq BV opgericht waarbij EFM Investments als nieuwe investeerder is toegetreden, deze gaat ook hands-on samen met de ondernemer het bedrijf verder uitbouwen.

Het ontwikkelde prototype voldeed in 2014 nog niet alle alle vereisten.  Er wordt verder onderzoek gedaan naar de haalbaarheid van de toepassing. 

The company Viewlogiq introduces a stunning breakthrough in broadcasting with its state of the art, fully automated camera tracking system called Videmus. This new and innovative technology is fully automated and does not require the physical presence of a camera operator. This full, complete and ready to use system comes with its own PTZ camera.

Technology. Videmus is a combination of Sonar and RFID technology. This combination provides a unique and precise delivery system. Human lateral movements are captured in a smooth and fluid manner. Videmus can also easily be integrated using your existing High Definition cameras. The system is compatible with every film format, webcast or video streaming. No additional tracking components are required.

Tracking. Videmus follows a designated target with our intuitive camera software. Itracking® anticipates movement based on individual movement patterns. This is achieved through the use of our proprietary algorithms. Recordings can either be static with a fixed focal point or dynamic which will zoom in and out as appropriate.


Actieve participatie in bedrijven.
Inbreng op basis van kapitaal, hands-on management of inbreng van software.